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pom bomb variety

LimeLife Pom Bomb Collection

LimeLife Pom Bomb Collection

Within the company we have had an ongoing joke about our One Drop Wonder Pomifera Oil.

Everyone would always jokingly say the stuff is so good we wish we could bathe in it. Ofcourse our CEO’s then had to put this dream into a plan of action, giving us this very experience.

Wondering what the big deal is about our One Drop Wonder?

This wonderful oil is rich in antioxidants and Omega-6 known to produce smooth, soft, and healthy looking skin and a radiant glow from head to toe. Each bath bomb is infused with a refreshing blend of essential oils to soothe and hydrate skin while their aromas relax and calm your body and mind.

Lucky us, we have THREE pom bombs to choose from.

  1. We have a eucalyptus pom bomb to awaken your senses and relax muscles.
    Eucalyptus LimeLife Pom Bomb
  2. Our lemongrass bath bomb will cleanse your skin and produce a healthy glow.
    Lemongrass LimeLife Pom Bomb
  3. My personal favorite, our rose bath bomb, is known to reduce redness and inflammation.
    Rose LimeLife Pom Bomb

The first part of the bath bomb – and let’s be real, the funnest – is lowering that baby into the water and watching that dramatic fizz in awe. I immediately noticed my skin being hydrated from the oil inside these pom bombs. If you are into luxurious floral smells, the Rose Pom Bomb is going to be your favorite. The smell delightfully filled the entire bathroom and I legit felt like it was my own personal Spa Day.



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