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Cleaning your LimeLife Brushes Properly

Before I became a beauty guide I think I had cleaned my brushes ONCE in my lifetime. In that one time I am pretty sure I also used dawn dish soap to do it.

In case you are wondering, YES, I am ashamed lol

So here’s the deal.

I cut this tutorial quick as possible and demonstrated using only my LimeLife Buffer Brush #5 . This is my favorite brush to apply our botanical foundation. Most of you already know I mix our Shinto 2 and our Olive 3 to make the perfect shade for ME and this brush makes this process so seamless and beautiful.

Using the Clean Act Brush and Sponge Shampoo, I just swirl the wet brush into the soap to create a nice little lather. I then just use the palm of my hand to mix the brush shampoo all the way into the middle where lots of bacteria likes to hide.

Once I am confident with it’s cleanliness, I rinse, and squeegee the heck out of that baby.

Not getting the water out of your brushes, WILL hide more bacteria so make sure you use diligence in this process.

To get even better with your brush cleaning process, place your brush with the bristles hanging off a counter top to allow air to circulate 360 degrees around the brush. This is REALLY going to ensure they dry perfectly.

For bonus points, once your brushes are finally dry (probably the next morning),

you will want to use an isopropyl alcohol – that is NOT 100% but at least 70% –  to do a little finishing off spray to the bristles.

Gently rub the brush onto the back of your clean hand and TADA! Your brushes are ready to be put back to work.

After cleaning my brushes I will typically lean my Clean Act Brush Shampoo upside down on the faucet or to the side so that it can dry out before using it again. You can never be too cautious when dealing with germs that can get on your face.

Remember to use a quality brush cleaner that will also moisturize your bristles. You wouldn’t wash your face with Dawn dish soap, so don’t clean your brushes with it.

I love trying new products. Let me know in the comments what your favorite brush cleaners are!




  • Geolorean.com

    August 27, 2018

    This is really helpful, thanks.

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