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One Drop Wonder || LimeLife by Alcone

LimeLife One Drop Wonder

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard about LimeLife’s One Drop Wonder miracle oil already….maybe that’s how you found this blog post. First I will share my own personal story with this magic.

What does the One Drop Wonder do?

  • Reverses damage to your skin
  • Restores moisture
  • Gives you a gorgeous, healthy glow

How to use One Drop Wonder:

  • Apply twice daily to bare, cleansed, and moisturized skin
  • Pair with our Sotoks to maximize results

My experience with One Drop Wonder

About a year after having my son, I started to experience postpartum. When it got to a point where I felt out of control, my husband and I thought it would be best to try medication until we felt like we could better manage everything. For those who don’t know, anti depressants SUCK in terms of having radiant skin. You can kiss those non-acne days goodbye. I had NEVER experienced bad acne…not even through puberty….so this was a BIG deal to me. I picked constantly. That picking obviously led to more blemishes and more frustration. The more I picked…the worse it got. This went on for a year and half. So naturally, I had a lot of scarring and spots that were taking a very long time to fully heal.

One Drop Wonder, at that time, was a pretty hefty investment for me to make. Because I didn’t really have the money to put into MORE skincare products, I was hesitant, even after hearing such amazing things about it and even in a time of desperation.

It’s like the universe was telling me….”GIRL!! FREAKING GET THE OIL!“, because during the LimeLight to LimeLife rebranding… the One Drop Wonder went on sale!


I’m still kicking myself for not just listening to the reviews!

Within 2 months of use, Most all the damaged scarring looking parts were gone except for one discoloration on my cheek. TWO MONTHS!

Although the directions say to apply twice daily, I only applied before bed, once a day.

If you’ve been on the edge and wondering if it’s really worth it… I’m telling you…. It’s worth every damn penny.

What is One Drop Wonder?

Our One Drop Wonder is Pomifera Oil™ cold-pressed from the Osage Orange Fruit Seed. The cold-pressed part is crucial in knowing you can trust this oil. Cold-pressing ensures that none of the beneficial nutrients or antioxidants are taken out of what you’re buying. Cold-pressing also allows for the extraction to take place without any chemicals.

Our CEO, Michelle, actually heard about this miracle in a bottle from one of the LimeLife leaders who knew a guy that made this himself in Iowa. Apparently, in the fall, green hedge balls completely blanket the state in the fall. He would use the Osage Orange Seeds which came from these green hedge balls to make the oil. So what we know as Pomifera Oil is in fact Osage Orange oil. Through research, he found that this oil is full of antioxidantsrich in Omega-6, and UV protective. The fact that it repairs damaged and aged skin cells and helps heal many common skin issues, including rosacea, makes the One Drop Wonder a HUGE beauty discovery.

Full list of ingredients:

Pomifera Oil 

Maclura Pomifera Seed Oil (Osage Orange Seed Oil)

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LimeLife One Drop Wonder



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