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Biannca Adelia Boudoir | Bossier City Louisiana

me with LimeLife Palette

Flashback? || LimeLife Perfect Translucent Powder


Flashback is not pretty. Not sure what it is? Go to google and type in flashback and you’ll get a pretty gnarly gallery of celebrities who’s makeup has gotten out of control on the red carpet.

What is flashback?

To put it simply, flashback happens when your makeup reflects the light of the camera flash. Usually it will give your face a washed out, dusty look, or white splotches all over. All that time you spend adding beautiful colors and blending out everything can potentially be ruined if you wear the wrong foundation or powders.

If you’re more of a daytime gal or lad, you should be fine with whatever you are using. We rarely use the flash of a camera during the day so you really have no need to worry. However, if you are a frequent party goer, night owl, or performer, you may want to consider having separate foundations and other products we use for our complexion.

You can’t fix flashback in Photoshop

Flashback is also something that cannot necessarily be fixed very easily -or even at all- in post processing (photo editing) either. Don’t let your night on the town memories be completely ruined by wearing the wrong face products. Bachelorette party?? You better tell your girls to pay attention!!

LimeLife All Over Powder Brush #2 www.ProPhotoCosmetics.com

Super Photogenic

I know. It sounds so crazy that something as simple as a pressed powder can be a huge cause for debate in your makeup bag. Girl, when I first started doing makeup for my boudoir clients, I had no idea about any of this, so I’m right there with you. However, after photographing many many sessions, I’ve found what has worked best and photographs beautifully. I’ll tell you this, not one single LimeLife product has failed. Every session has turned out absolutely gorgeous and the women have been more than pleased at the turnout of their looks.

Professional Quality, Affordable Price

At such an amazing price, it’s easy to go ahead and snag you one of our  PERFECT TRANSLUCENT POWDERS.  You’ll never be disappointed. With a 30 day money back guarantee, an amazing customer support team, and a beauty guide who has your best interest at heart, you’ve got THREE promises ensuring your hard earned money gets you the best quality, professional makeup artist approved products at an affordable price point.

Me, obviously super excited about my Perfect Translucent Powder by LimeLife


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