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Boudoir Marathons

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8x10 Framed Fine Art Piece

(30 minute shoot)

1 Outfit

3 High Res Images


1 Lingerie Certificate
to TheGoddessBoudoir
(our luxury lingerie boutique)
or $50 Portrait Product Credit


16x20 Framed Fine Art Piece

(1 hour shoot)

2 Outfits

5 High Res Images


2 Lingerie Certificates
to TheGoddessBoudoir
(our luxury lingerie boutique)
or $100 Portrait Product Credit




20x24 Framed Fine Art Piece

(1.5 hours shooting time)

3 Outfits

10 High Res Images


3 Lingerie Certificates
to TheGoddessBoudoir
(our luxury lingerie boutique)
or $150 Portrait Product Credit



You know confidence is about so much more than pretty pictures... 

...You're planting a seed,..

...the seed that blooms your inner goddess...

the Goddess lives inside you


The Peep Show.
After the session, you will  be able to review all the images that were just taken. YOU select the images in your final ordering gallery. I am a heavy editor, so seeing yourself in RAW form is such an important part of this process.
*not included in Marathons*

Peep Show

Goddess Day!


The Session.
I completely guide the session and posing. Don't worry if you feel like you don't know how to be sexy. I'll use proper lighting, breathing techniques, flattering angles, and pose you from turning your head slightly all the way down to your fingertips!


I've got your back so pop some champagne to celebrate your bold move! After booking we start to plan. You'll receive my exclusive "Goddess Guide" that include self care tips, wardrobe ideas, and mindset work so you're 100% confident for your session day.

On the Calendar

Let's hang out!


I offer free consultations if you're on the fence about booking with me. I will meet with you over Zoom conference, show you my shooting space and take you further into my process.

the boudoir experience

step by step, here's what to expect

Stephanie, Louisiana, Home Studio

"Biannca is amazing!!! She's so, fun, down to earth, makes you feel as if you have known her forever!! She's very professional and talented! She is amazing at her job and her pictures prove that!!!! Everyone should and deserves to be pampered, look, feel amazing and have gorgeous pictures to remind themselves just how beautiful they are. No matter what flaws, imperfections, or what size or how old they are, Biannca will have you looking like a centerfold model!!! I loved every minute of my photoshoot!!."  â€” Stephanie

"Biannca will have you looking like a centerfold model!!"

Lacy, Promo Shoot, Home Studio

"Biannca has a way that makes you feel comfortable and at ease during your shoot. This was the first time I’ve ever had boudoir photos done and I was incredibly nervous. All the anxiety just melted away from her calming and sweet disposition. She never made me feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. We shared laughs and giggled the whole way through. Biannca is a true Goddess for the soul and helps you see your own worth and value in just being in your own skin. She made me feel beautiful and confident. I highly recommend The Goddess Boudoir for so much more than beautiful pictures. It was healing and therapeutic to my heart and soul! Thank you, Biannca and The Goddess Boudoir! ." â€”  Lacy

"It was healing and therapeutic to my heart and soul!"

Ashlie, Client, Louisiana, Home Studio

"Biannca is amazing!!! For someone as self conscious as myself she made me feel so comfortable! " â€”  Ashlie

"Biannca is amazing!!!"