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Why you should have a Boudoir Photo Session


August 23, 2014

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This is such a broad subject for me…because I could go on for HOURS about how a boudoir session can change your life. My heart & soul went into this business the second I received an email from a client telling me how much she appreciated this experience and that it helped her find a part of herself she had locked away so many years ago.

LADIES, can you just IMAGINE the power you would all have if you just felt good about yourself even for just a couple hours?! It is the single most empowering moment of your life…to feel like your best self…and to LIKE it.

It is truly one of the most remarkable things I have witnessed, and I will not stop until I have changed the minds of millions of women.

To save you from a long and drawn out post including a list of one hundred reasons…the most important of all is


Do you remember the last time you felt good about yourself? Been a while huh? Let’s change that!


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