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Improvising for your Boudoir Session


January 11, 2017

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The first thought on every woman’s mind every day while getting ready is, “I have nothing to wear”. I totally get it, heck when I first started shooting Boudoir, I didn’t even have any lingerie for MYSELF! Isn’t that nuts? Well I am here to tell ya, you don’t need all the fancy lace pieces, garter belts, corsets, or bustiers. Boudoir is a very playful genre of photography and the main subject is you, not the lingerie.

I have spent a lot of time now shooting every type of woman, and my favorite parts of the sessions are when I am able to use her mannerisms, eyes, emotion, and personality as “props”. Hey, I love heels, stockings, and pearls as much as the next gal, but our main goal is to capture great portraits showcasing YOU as you are.

I shoot mostly out of my home in Auburndale, Florida, but I also shoot out of hotel suites, and I also use the homes of the women I am shooting. When I am able to shoot out of the woman’s home, it creates so many possibilities to use pieces of her home in the frames also, which is so much fun.

Recommendations I have for you if you do not own any lingerie but want to book your session sooner than later are:

Your favorite snuggly blanket.
Your Hair.
White Sheets.
A shirt of your partner’s.
Football, Basketball, or other cool props that signify your significant other.
Props throughout your home.
White T-Shirt (shower shots, etc.)
Larger Sweatshirts.
Long Socks.
Anything Lace.

That is only a small list of possibilities. During your consultation, we will always talk about your expectations, style, and requests so that we capture you exactly as you are. To Book, email or you can follow any of my social media platforms such as Facebook , Instagram , and join me on SnapChat @BianncaAdelia

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