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April 11, 2017

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About a year ago, my little sister announced her engagement, and I was asked to shoot the wedding. About 6 months ago, I declared I was venturing into the art of Boudoir. Then about 3 months ago, I declared I was in the business of shooting Boudoir exclusively.

My sister’s wedding was this month on the 1st and since then, I have been working carefully through the hundreds of images captured on her big day. Although I already understood the value of wedding photography, this is one of those times that reminded me why I wished people understood the effort wedding photographers put forth. I OFTEN hear a lot of friends and family say “geez, look at these packages…I ought to get ME a camera and do this.”

I cringe every. single. time.

Anyway, since I am in the business of Boudoir, I posted two different edits of a portrait, asking for opinions. One was light and airy, the other -my pride and joy and image I was hoping everyone else liked- a more moody edit featuring shadows and depth. My heart sank as everyone started commenting “left” which was the pastel edit.

Almost every single person liked the opposite image of my liking.

bride april 2017

my little sister’s wedding day before we left for the ceremony

You know when the universe sends you those little “uh huh….aren’t you glad you listened?” moments….this was one of those times for me. Boudoir is my lifeline.

Although this particular job wasn’t about me and was probably best a “light and airy” job, I couldn’t help but resist this criticism.

Being the moody and unconventional person that I am, I was so glad in that moment, that I found my niche’ a couple months back. Also that the moody and unconventional person that I am….works for Boudoir, and that moodiness that makes the session so sultry and seductive. Even living in the small city of Auburndale, Florida , I have found that this just so happens to be how women want to feel and look in their images… a little unconventional, a little moody, sultry, seductive, and bad ass.

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