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Loving vs. Fighting


May 2, 2017

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Do you ever scroll threw Facebook and see posts from a gal who struggles to love herself? I do…and it literally just sets me off. I don’t know why, but I kind of take it personal when I see a woman doubt herself. I just want to scream…”love yourself woman!!!”

I laid in bed last night and all I kept thinking was about the tale old Lover vs. Fighter conflict.

I believe you have to find your balance to love AND fight…because sometimes you have to fight your doubt so that you can love more. My mother raised me on the concept to FIGHT and I grew up through adolescence seeking LOVE. It was then that I realized you don’t just get love…you have to fight for it…and you have to learn how to fight in the right way….a way that’s constructive.

Boudoir is such an incredible way to celebrate yourself as you are right now…in this very moment….fighting for your way to loving yourself again.


Biannca Adelia Boudoir Self Love

Biannca Adelia Boudoir Self Love

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