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“Good women can be wild too.” | Central Florida Boudoir


May 11, 2017

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“Good women can be wild too.”
-r.h. sin

Milk Bath sessions seem to be all the rage among the maternity photography industry. I, personally, am a huge fan and think they make very feminine and beautiful photographs to remember your transition into motherhood. What better way to celebrate Boudoir, than to put a sultry spin on the same concept?

This woman found me by chance, through what I believe, mutual friends online. I posted into my VIP Boudoir group (found here) that I really wanted to try a milk bath boudoir session and this sweet lady messaged me almost immediately. She showed up to her session with a TON of things and ideas and was 110% ready for her shoot! I was in total amazement! Based on what I knew about her through message consulting, she seemed like a pretty conservative and sweet lady with a good head on her shoulders. (I do pre-consults always since I shoot in my private residential studio) As a boudoir photographer, I ADORE women a bit on the unconventional side who think outside the box.

From our conversations throughout the session, I was able to hear her story and why she decided to book a boudoir session. She had been a stay at home mom for quite a few years and had an interview the next day. This was her way of taking a leap and putting herself out there…..reconnecting with herself. It must have worked because she got the job the same day as the interview!

This session taught me that we are ALL just normal women….good women….who really want that feeling of being sexy again….and dang it we’re allowed. There’s an empowering affect after seeing how gorgeous you are in a photograph that truly makes a woman unstoppable.

So be wild. Be daring. Take a chance. Dream on. Push forward.

It’s never too early to start planning your own themed or styled boudoir session. Contact me here or join my Private Boudoir VIP group here.

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