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How I pose women from size 2-20 | Central Florida Boudoir


May 15, 2017

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“I’m not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body.”
-Demi Lovato

I received a message from a woman who was interested in booking a session with me. One of her questions, throwing me TOTALLY off guard was, “Do you know how to pose bigger girls?”

It took me a second. Never ever even thinking about this, I had no idea what to say. Although I started shooting Boudoir exclusively only 6 months ago, I have photographed nearly 30 women already….and never once did I think about posing women differently based on their size.

Biannca Adelia Boudoir

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Women have come to me from a size 2, to a size 17….and I have posed them all exactly the same. I’ve used my same “flow” that I usually go through. Every woman moves differently, has different mannerisms, and I pose accordingly. Some women have insecurities like scars, or stretch marks, or maybe a boob they think is noticeably smaller than the other…..and I of course pose accordingly. But never have I shot a women differently or been biased to a certain style of posing due to size.

I will shoot a size 2 the same as I shoot a size 20 & I will shoot a size 20 the same as I shoot a size 2.

We need to get away from this thought of “I’m not good enough”. We need to stop thinking that we can’t celebrate today….because we’re not good enough today. You don’t have to put in years of work to celebrate your worth, or your body. You’re amazing right now. You’re beautiful right now. You’re ENOUGH…right now.

I encourage you to email me if you are ever feeling down…because I know how it feels. I hope you know you are worth happiness and celebration, and if you don’t think so….I’d love to listen & chat with you.

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