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February 13, 2018

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The studio recently underwent a major facelift and we’ve added a couple things!!

When you book a full boudoir experience with me, I offer the choice of using my in-home studio or bringing my lights to your home/other location. Typically, all sessions take place here in Auburndale. My master bedroom suite of my own home has been turned into the official studio. You may be asking yourself why I choose to shoot out of my home rather than renting a brick and mortar location downtown. This is a fantastic question. Shooting out of my home allows for several things. The first, is that I am able to offer my services at a much more affordable price than that of plaza or mall studios. It is very important to me that women are able to afford all of their gorgeous portraits and this is how I am able to make this happen. Second, my husband and I spent a great deal of time shopping around for commercial locations and never found anything that felt like it was “it”. The master room of my home has been better than anything we were able to find. Third, boudoir is a very private portrait experience. I have many women come to me who have respectable jobs in this small town and do not want anyone knowing they came for a session. Imagine pulling up in a public parking lot and seeing “Cindy from church” eyeballing your choices of lingerie you were bringing inside. Definitely makes for an awkward conversation at next week’s sermon. lol My official Privacy Policy is here.

 So this is what I have found works best.

We have TONS of variety to offer to make your session absolutely unique & perfect!

  • Sparkly & Flirty Backdrops
  • Sheer curtains
  • North Facing Windows for the most flattering natural lighting possible
  • Bed
  • Gorgeous Gold Chaise
  • Wood Floors for the dark and moody portraits
  • Furry Blankets
  • White Sheets
  • Mirror
  • Beautiful Garden Tub for Milk Bath portraits
  • Synthetic Flowers for Milk Bath portraits
  • Select Lingerie Pieces (optional)
  • Sexy New Posing Flow
  • Fan

I am currently only accepting appointments on Saturdays & Sundays. Contact me today to set something up. Appointments are very limited!

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