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Eyebrows for Portraits


July 11, 2018

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Eyebrow Photograph

Eyebrows are today’s hottest trend of MUST KNOW HOW TO DO’s. As a professional photographer, I’ve learned quite a few things that are equally important to consider before any photoshoot. Whether your photoshoot is on-location, in a studio, or in home, applying the following tips will ensure your beautiful face is framed up and that you look beautiful within the camera frame as well.

LimeLife Eyeshadow Loverboy Nirvana

Personally, I like to use eyeshadow to perfect my eyebrows.

  1. It’s WAY easier to fix if you mess up.
  2. You will get a softer more natural look.
  3. You can use two different eyeshadows to give your eyebrows perfect dimension. I am using LimeLife’s eyeshadows in colors Loverboy & Nirvana. These have been my go-to shades for a year and half. I absolutely love them.

Also, don’t forget, if you are torn between two different eyeshadow shades for YOUR perfect eyebrow color, always go with the lighter option.

LimeLife Eyshadow Loverboy Nirvana

Have you dyed your hair recently?

If your roots are starting to show through, you should always choose eyeshadows that match them. This makes the look more natural. Granted, Makeup Artistry is a beautiful form of self expression so choose what you’d like. I am merely speaking from my own personal style of shooting boudoir sessions. I always try to keep the client looking like their normal selves as much as possible.

After you’ve filled in your brows, go to your darker shade you’ve chosen. You will use this color to outline (video below for demonstration). You’ll definitely want to start your outline further from the center and really distinguish the outer points of your brows.

This is because the flash of lights, or even harsh sunlight, will wash out some of the makeup color you have worked so hard on. Don’t be afraid to really define your makeup for your session.

If your brows are missing a little somethin’ somethin’, you can always tweek here and there. You’re not going to look crazy, I promise. If it does, our LimeLife Makeup Remover wipes are gonna be your lifesaver.

You’re done! Piece of cake, right?

Now I know you’re probably already loyal to that palette you’ve been using for years, but I will tell you, that LimeLife eyeshadow is professional quality, photographs beautifully, will save you time, and will save you money. Using less product because of great pigment, is going to save you a lot of trips to ULTA to restock your kit.

LimeLife Eyeshadow Palette New Shades

I’ve been frequently using sweet dreams for about a year and half… since January 2017, and I still have plenty left. It’s one of my favorite shades. You can literally have picture perfect eyebrows for nearly two years, for only $42 bucks. Pretty amazing deal considering how much we spend on testing all kinds of different products. LimeLife works and will not disappoint.

Helping people is something I am extremely passionate about. Feel free to browse and then find me on social to let me choose the perfect shades for your brows.

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