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Sensuality vs. Sexuality


July 26, 2018

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When clients come to me for their consultation, it seems to be a major concern as to how they will be portrayed in their portraits. This is totally understandable and I would have the same concerns going to a boudoir photographer. More often than not, these portraits are being gifted to their spouses and need to have something more special than being an erotic emotionally detached magazine.

Sensuality has become one of my biggest obsessions right now because of the power it has to completely transform and fulfill your life. Sensuality is in fact THE key to YOUR power, an incredible marriage, & will even break those glass ceilings on your business.

Let’s start with the difference of Sensuality vs. Sexuality

Sexuality are feelings or actions connected to an erotic or sexual turn on.
Sensuality is simply the indulging of your senses.

To point out the obvious, sensuality does indeed have a powerful part it can play in sexuality. However, sensuality can still thrive without sexuality, and sexuality can also exist without sensuality. I would relate a porn film to be a place sexuality exists without sensuality. I am sure MOST women can also identify with having a sexual encounter where sensuality was not present.

Biannca Adelia Boudoir Self Love

We shouldn’t be embarrassed by our sensuality.

Embracing sensuality without the existence of sexuality is a women’s right, and also I believe, where she belongs. Sensuality is something that is only ours and something we shouldn’t lose in this “new world” shift into more masculine roles. Sensuality becomes a lifestyle for those who start to experience the power in it. Just to name a few experiences of sensuality:

  1. Taking a conscious moment to FEEL grass under your feet…being grateful of how green the spring season makes your lawn.
  2. Being aware of the way the wind blows your there a fresh or after rain smell in the air?
  3. Taking a deep breathe and grounding yourself in your current environment…. taking note if in a stressful environment, that you are stronger than your circumstances.
  4. FEELING the water when you’re in the shower…..running all the way down your arms, then legs, and hearing the calming sound of it all…

All of these things create a space where you are indulging and giving all of your senses a full experience. As you give all of your senses more power and strength, you’ll begin to see things start to also bloom in your life, becoming more powerful….stronger. This can definitely include your family circumstances, your marriage, & your business.

My sessions will always be full of sensuality without the presence of sexuality.

Whether this is a gift for yourself or for your partner, photographing your POWER is the goal, and you get your power from your sensuality.

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