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Lingerie for your Body Shape || Louisiana Boudoir Photographer


August 23, 2018

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*big sigh*...”I haaaaate that outfit” he said.

I have a favorite nightie. It’s a nude colored piece with baggyish shorts and a small plunging v neck loose top. I love throwing on this outfit after a long bath and my nightly moisturizing ritual. I feel gorgeous in it. It’s comfortable…. it doesn’t squeeze any of my insecure body parts..and I can still watch TV without it being inappropriate around my kid. Ok Ok...I totally got this outfit when I was pregnant for my hospital bag. It’s sooooo comfie though!

When I first began shooting boudoir, it was all about the client’s experience and comfort so I would tell every woman to bring what she felt sexiest in. Sometimes what we feel sexy in, isn’t really a big enough celebration for a photo session, or look sexy from an outside perspective (aka probably the reason you are having a boudoir session to begin with). After my -obviously without ill intention- feedback from my husband, I started to really dive into the art of lingerie.

Small Breasted

Many women I photograph who consider themselves to be smaller chested, are pretty insecure about some of the posing or positioning during their boudoir session. I promise you look amazing, but I get it. I’ve got stuff I don’t like about myself too. A great suggestion for you would be unlined bralettes or lace bras with no padding. They photograph beautifully and you’re the perfect fit for this style. The cute racerback bras are also very cute and would look gorgeous on you.

This Brenna Unlined style would be perfect and can be found at AdoreMe.


After I got pregnant and while breastfeeding, I shot from a large B-cup to an overflowing DD-cup like overnight. Understanding that bras without support are just simply NOT an option for your session, I would recommend some trendier bottoms. Try high waisted panties or bottoms with a thicker band to keep a balanced focus in your boudoir portraits.

like this Halima Contour set with higher waisted panties from Adore Me

Pear Shape

Pear shapes are smaller on top and wider on bottom. One pieces are GORGEOUS on this body type. Lingerie teddies and suits with deep plunging V-necks are going to be your best friend! One pieces typically look great on everyone but a woman with a pear shape will take it to another level in these types of selections.

Try this “Codie” from AdoreMe

Broad Shoulders

When your shoulders are little wider than your waist or hips, you’ll want to look at babydolls. These are going to look BEAUTIFUL on you. Pick one with a sort of flare at the bottom… like this Evony below.

This “Evony” babydoll from AdoreMe is gorgeous


With an hourglass shape, you’ll want something that’s really going to show off your hips. Your waistline is going to be smaller than both your hips and shoulders so a sexy set with a garter belt is going to photograph amazingly on you.

This Catieraa from AdoreMe’s Bijou collection is absolutely gorgeous.


When you can wear pretty much anything comfortably, you’ve got options. Choose something with a little flare. It’ll look great for your portraits while adding a little spunk. Something with a little volume like the outfit below will be perfect.

This is the Oydis from AdoreMe

Longer Legs

When your torso is a little smaller and your legs a little longer, choose low-rise bottoms. 

This is the Silvia from AdoreMe featuring a very low rise panty.

Shorter Legs

If you have shorter legs and a longer torso like I do… already know ya look hot in high waisted shorts! lol Same rule applies for lingerie. Go with high waisted panties or a crop top.

The Exquisita Push Up set from AdoreMe is a favorite of mine.
I’ve personally tried this set on and it’s nothing short of amazing.

let’s connect

I’d love to hear your thoughts or other pieces that you have loved for your body type.

Is it harder for you to find pieces you love? What body shape do you have?

Let me know in the comments or come hangout with me on Facebook! I hang out with my girls almost everyday while I do my makeup and I’d love to add you to my circle!

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