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Why you should start getting vulnerable


October 12, 2018

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Vulnerability equals weakness. Wrong. Now I’m not saying go out there and start telling the world your business and your entire life’s struggles, but there IS power in easing yourself into a world where you can use your vulnerabilities as strengths and as a call to action.

“But why? I am already strong and I’m doing what I need to do.” Oh girl I feel you SO much on that one. I love boudoir, passionately, but it IS a BUSINESS, not a hobby, and I knew I needed to treat it as such if I wanted to make money. I ran myself into the ground trying to make sure my business presence was exactly perfect because of that. I forgot that my business also needed to be human. 

AND, there are lots of benefits to getting a little vulnerable here and there anyway. Let down the walls for just a second and consider the following ways your life can get better, easier, and more fruitful.

Build better relationships

Vulnerability is our way of connecting and finding support systems. We all need them, even the strongest of us.

Increase your self worth

Being honest about your vulnerabilities gets you comfortable with your “weirdness”. I read somewhere that said “awkward” is only happening when you are not accepting yourself…and if you’re going to be “awkward” then you may as well be confident about it. PRRREEEEEACHHH

Make peace with bad memories

Attract amazing people into your life

The people that need to be in your life will just start showing up. This is exactly what happened for me.

Give yourself accountability

What is it that they say in rehab facilities? The first step is admitting the problem.

Provokes Compassion

Giving yourself space to feel vulnerable and admit the things you don’t exactly find desirable in yourself, helps you relate to others.

Less loneliness


Like I said before, I’m not saying run out into the world and put it all out there. I do believe some things should be kept personal. That could be me resisting vulnerability and I’m OK with that. I’ll know the right time to share certain things as it comes along. What I’m saying is take baby steps. Going too far could land you in a heap of extremely uncomfortable anxiety and panic attacks are no fun.

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