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Sisterhood // Lake Bistineau Empowerment Session

Goddess Energy

July 14, 2022

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Group Photo at Lake Bistineau / Goddess Energy & Empowerment

When I think about sisterhood, I think non-competitive, unconditional love, lifestyle and healing. Throughout my life I have made many friends but I have also lost those friends through a lifetime of moving around the world and just growing into different directions in life. The difference in sisterhood is you never really have them and you never really lose them either. You grow apart, then you also flow together.

Sisterhood is a mindset…a lifestyle. My work has given me the opportunity to cross paths with so many beautiful souls.

Most of us can agree that we grew up with an unconscious instinct to compete & de-thrown the girls and women around us. We treasured the movie “Mean Girls” and I can still hear females joking about the other females who “couldn’t sit with them”. I’ve come to realize how much of that behavior was always just influenced by our environment, and how much we actually yearn for sisterly bonding.

When women come together…..there is a natural healing that happens. We don’t even have to try.

This is how we change the world’s frequency and raise our children with a solid sense of belonging….we as women have to feel like we belong first.

Self-Love has never been about rebellion. It’s always been about opening the heart.

We all needed this day at Lake Bistineau. Here are some more portraits of these gorgeous lighthouses.

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