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Social Media is an Insane Asylum


January 25, 2023

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In the past, I have been one of the first and loudest people swooning over the connections and inspirational people I have found in the social media world. Social Media over the last decade, has been a wonderful tool I’ve used to open up my mind to different viewpoints and perspectives. It’s given me so many opportunities to become a well rounded, free thinking individual, while harnessing the gift of friendship and connection.

So why have I made the decision to remove myself from Social Media?

Bare with me, as I’m a big advocate of finding the magic of life and the exploration of alternative beliefs, I’m also an advocate of grounding in the reality of life and a functional structure in which humanity can operate cohesively. Gone are the days of healthy expression without war being waged on your personal critical thinking…especially if that critical thinking goes against the status quo. Gone are the days of personal intuition and divine motherly instinct…which is what I fear the most.

As I watch the loud portion of humanity spiral, I’ve come to realize that no one is interested in win-win conversations anymore. No one is interested in being inspired by others, but we feel entitled to be only THE heroic inspirer. The one and only. We have become narcissists consumed with our own self-expression instead of simply embracing it….discounting anyone else’s own sense of self-expression…and expecting the world to adopt those narratives. Exploration of self is supposed to be fun and uniquely to you…..but it’s not supposed to be the overarching standard of which the world revolves. We were never supposed to get consumed with ourselves… we were just supposed to become more vibrant and whole for the world around us. I suppose personal development can be addictive without proper guidance. It’s time to redirect ourselves.

While I know this sounds very bitter of me, this isn’t even the reason I have deactivated my accounts. Although hard for me right now, I truly want to believe in the strength and intelligence of humanity once we know better. This narcissistic display is simply a means to make it back to ourselves. Clearly we are hurting and we are trying to become whole again. We will throw our fit, learn from our emotional chemical reactions, and then blend our altruistic humanness with our newly discovered individual expression. That process is ALWAYS going to be messy. We are pretty much ALL a bunch of adult children, making our way to adult womanhood/manhood. This is just the reality of the world at the moment. We will become better for it, I have to believe that. But we also need that inner voice that will say “OK That’s enough, you’ve had your moment. Now it’s time to pick yourself back up and go contribute something good to society. Eat healthy. Go for a walk. Get it together. It’s not all about YOU.”

We WON’T become better for it if we let all this chaos be projected onto our children.

My line in the sand is when our adult inner child issues, become our children’s issues. Let’s be honest, the movies we watched as children groomed us into the people we are today. Most of us grew up being fed the idea that drinking to get shit faced was cool, throwing parties when your parents were out of town, and being sexually promiscuous was how you became the popular kid at school. Most of us had single mothers who worked all the time or both parents working to keep a roof over our heads. We were practically raised on the television and that weird website that showed us pictures of dead bodies. Tell me you remember that? To think that our children are not facing the same is naïve and foolish. Where is our natural motherly instincts that asks questions? Where is the natural motherly instincts that says “wait a minute, I’m going to look more into this before rolling over like a door mat”. This is our country’s CHILDREN!

Nestle in it’s beginning stages convinced mothers that their breastmilk wasn’t as nutritionally dense as their formula. How? They had a team of sales women who literally dressed in nurse outfits to go door to door and tell these mothers that Nestle formula was better than their natural breastmilk. They have been teaching us to ignore our motherly instincts for ages.

Coca-Cola literally had a “cradle to grave” program that formed contracts with schools to get soda into the lunchroom so children got addicted to soda at the youngest possible age.

Social Media has always been an adult playground so I have never thought it indecent to display and promote my business there….until now.

The reality is that our children ARE and WILL continue to be on social media earlier and earlier.

It’s our responsibility as adults to behave in a structured way in the public eye of children. Children need structure. If you have read any childhood development book, it plainly lays out the psychological milestones of a child’s mind. We have to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and be the role models here.

Because of all this, my work will be changing, and the way I do my work and the messaging I will be leaning into will be changing. I may return to social media in the future but for now I will only be connecting through YouTube or

my community

I believe deeply in my work and I will always be fascinated by the exploration of the taboo. Feminine energy, sexuality, teachings around the subject of tantra, and how this gives us incredible insight into our self-identity and places where we have the opportunity to empower ourselves.

But these are all adult topics, which to me, draw a very clear line in the sand of what’s not appropriate to be thrown into childrens’ faces, regardless of today’s current political arguments.

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