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Womanhood is the Birthright of Natural Born Women


January 31, 2023

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My mission for an entire decade has always been in the empowerment of the healthy sexual expression & self-image of women. I never really fell into the feminism category either, even as a boudoir photographer. While all the other boudoir photographers yelled about the patriarchy, I felt alone in the belief that the real problem was in a solid self-image that would have allowed women to make decisions in a way that wouldn’t have made them victims in the first place. (Obviously there’s exceptions. I’m talking about majority here.) I always thought women had immense power, we just didn’t know how to wield it.

In today’s social climate I feel disrespected more than ever as a natural born woman. I feel disrespected as a mother. As a free-thinker.

My battle with the Facebook and Instagram algorithm as a boudoir photographer goes back 5 years. I lost 48 positive business reviews because Meta shut down my Facebook business page due to “violations”. Never once did I post a bare breasted woman on social media either. The portraits shared to my Facebook pages were always tasteful & took a more sensual approach, keeping public marketing in mind.

Now Facebook decides that natural born women cannot share images of their bare breasts online, but trans or non-binary people can. I want to state that I am not really pushing for women to be able to share bare breast images, I don’t really care, but doesn’t this sound discriminatory?

This was shared from the

Then thegaurdian followed it up with this

“…more can be done to support the LGBTQ+ community…” WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! and what EXPERT minds are on this panel???

There are SO many resources for our 10% American population LGBT community that exist already. How much more “support” is really needed here? I was looking up statistics for the state I am moving to, just out of curiosity and to get a better understanding of reality, and only 5% of the LGBTQ+ community is even in the workforce… I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about what I think of that.

I lived in Orlando where I was a die hard advocate of equal treatment of gay people, having shared a home with my gay best friend, & danced at the gay nightclub PULSE before the massacre. I feel like I have to mention these things before going any further because last time I had an opinion, I was criticized for being a homophobe. Oh yea, Facebook will shut down womens’ Facebook pages who write “men are scum” but not when you have a group of extremists all bullying you and calling you a homophobe on your personal page. Then sharing your post to other LGBT communities online so they can gang up on you too? Yea totally acceptable… #fishy

The reason I was criticized is because I truly believe this experiment (*clears throat* I mean movement) is now effecting our children in ways the original gay community never intended. My post tagged the DISNEY movie “Strange World” and I requested that ratings be added to their movies with any sexual brainwashing or grooming in them. Even the adults profile on Netflix has an LGBT category… don’t you think it’s odd the option of choosing that category is taken off the children’s profiles??? That way I could quietly opt out for my family, not wishing to bring a complex issue to my 8 year old until his life presented to him. My simple request for a rating wasn’t enough for the extremists who decided to verbally and emotionally attack me. It was clear to me that these extremists are not seeking a win-win solution. I JUST WANTED A RATING so I could hard pass on the movie. It wasn’t enough for a solution that would ultimately keep peace between both parties. The goal for these extremists is power. The goal was to call me out and shame me because I don’t think the same thoughts. They want to win, and they want you to believe what they believe.

I am still in shock over what happened since my personal Facebook only had 100 people on it. Being aware of the news and things happening in the world, I thought these super exaggerated events & ideas were only among a few distant places you just see on the news and would blow over. I didn’t think it would ever come so close to my home, my character, or effect the way I’m raising my child. To my surprise though, these extreme views were taken on by many people in my close circle. This goes to show you how media, Facebook, Instagram, & Tik Tok just desensitize you into “going with the flow” with perverse views. The true gay community just wanted equal treatment and to live freely in their own homes and be able to go to grocery stores without people talking trash or pointing at them. What is happening now is for power & money.

Think about it. In my last post I referred to Coco Cola’s “cradle to grave” plan where they worked up contracts with schools and had soda machines put in, getting kids addicted to sugar and caffeine as early as possible.

What about Nestle, convincing mothers that their breast milk was not as nutrient dense as their formula?

Do you know how much money is in gender these transformations??? TONS. How much money do you think is in mental health drugs? Therapy?

I truly believe the missions of pharmaceutical companies are to dismantle human’s sense of reality, starting with our children, ruining their sense of identity early … ultimately creating so many mental issues down the road that the pharmaceutical companies can cash in on. It reminds me of the Amber Heard Johnny Depp case when they were making a case about how Amber Heard used “horse breaking” tactics to grind down Johnny’s sense of self worth and force him into emotional and mental submission.

One of the things that have been argued that trans women would never have in comparison to natural born women, is their motherly instinct…. and from the mothers who argued that they have no problem with their kids seeing these men in bondage parading around the city, or children’s films targeted at 6 year olds’ that have boys wearing skirts and flirting with other boys…. our birth right to that motherly instinct has been dismantled as well. We need to become lioness mothers again.

Pick up literally ANY book on the development of the child’s brain and you will see that this is NOT healthy. We literally buy age appropriate toys for our kids to improve motor skills, etc. at their most effective stages. Study any of Freud’s teachings that show how we can get “stuck” in a harmful or obsessive cycle if a part of our sexual phases are introduced to us in unhealthy ways. Read any book on marketing psychology and how after the introduction of something for a certain number of times…. the human brain will just accept that thing, or buy that thing, or be subconsciously programmed into making a certain decision. The sheer fact that Influencing is a profession now, is proof enough.

I am deleting my Facebook and Instagram as not to lose that natural instinct. Being a natural born woman is a privilege that should be respected. I love being a woman and I love being a mother. I will not lose my natural birth right to womanhood and I will not lose my instinct for what is right and wrong for my child. I will not be broke down and desensitized into thinking what is going on the world is normal.

This is not normal. This is not right. This does not showcase decency and respect for our fellow humans. This does not showcase a general love for humankind. I need to believe that people innately have good intentions and are just being misguided to think that they are allowing this because they want to be empathetic to humans. By not asking questions and tuning into your own voice of intuition, you are hurting people by buying into & enabling this circus. You are hurting children by turning a blind eye to the fact that kids need safe, simple, and structured environments to grow. Complex thinking comes later once the pre frontal cortex is fully grown. It’s weird that this isn’t common sense.

If anything, this has proven that most people cannot handle individualized thought or critical thinking.

Had I been writing this 5 years ago, my stomache may have turned in reading things I’ve said, disregarding the pieces woven in that are reality, just because I thought it would hurt someone’s feelings…my worst fear. 5 Years ago though, I was a people pleasing little girl. Today I am a different woman. Today I am a woman who doesn’t second guess my intuition. Today I am a woman who says what she means and means what she says.

Today, I am a woman who believes womanhood is the birth right of natural born women.

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