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Love the skin you are in… Unless you want to change your gender of course


February 10, 2023

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This modern day social climate has had me in a whirlwind of questions since the pandemic. I’m curious… What are we allowing ourselves to be influenced by and why? Are we so eager to be seen as “heroic” and “empathetic” in the eyes of our peers that we fail to acknowledge truth? Have we allowed our inner “people pleaser” to turn a blind eye to the contradictions that are so blatantly staring us in the face?

On one hand, we are being suffocated with the notions of SELF-CARE & SELF-LOVE…. how EVERY body is a beautiful body…while on the other hand totally contradicting self-love with these reality bending notions of gender fluidity.

I never had any skin in the game on any of these public topics. I truly didn’t care enough and I always tried to keep a “love for every person” mentality before judging. Of course I had my opinions, but how other people live their lives shouldn’t be my business. I had my own purpose and mission to live out.

UNTIL children were involved and being effected.

Now, no matter what I do, even deleting my meta social platforms, I can’t get over it. I just can’t. I go to sleep at night thinking about it. I wake up thinking about it. I just can’t get it out of my head.

I watch the world and it’s behavior, analyzing the steps I need to take for my own son to thrive when he gets older. Having a solid sense of identity and grip on his emotions has always been my number one priority, even when he was still in my belly. This is truly the only way forward.

I feel today’s modern society needs the fierceness of mothers and women more than ever. We’ve been swimming in an era that preached woman empowerment for quite some time, and when the moment truly arises that calls for our independent instinct… crickets.

So much concern consumes me around the children that my son will be going to school with, knowing so many parents lack the gall to take a hard look at what’s happening in the world, and allowing their children to be swept up into this dysphoria.

I am not fearful for my own family or for my son. I am fearful for the majority of the children who either have parents who are not home, or who have become so docile they accept perverted ideas over reality.

The sheer contradiction in the messaging itself is proof enough of dark psychological plans at play.

Would it not be too hard to believe that advocates were hired to become these “influencers”? Where did they even come from? How’d they become so popular so fast? I mean I’ve been doing social media marketing for almost a decade for my business… played by all the algorithm rules… and I never became influential. Many people have done the same. Is it not too hard to believe that they have a team of people pushing their influence to be these big time advocates?

With this contradictory messaging going on, how long will it take for people to think for themselves? How long will it take for people to realize that we are just consumers? We are just numbers to these people pushing narratives. We are customers. We are victims to their propaganda.

Dear Women & Mothers,

We are better than this…we always have been. We can NOT be victims to this corruption. The future of our country really does rest in our ability to stand tall with a solid sense of self. To lift our husbands masculinity and stop screaming that everything is so toxic. Our children are looking to us to model truth. Our children are looking to us for acceptance and love. Children do not feel accepted and loved when the world is telling them they aren’t good enough unless they have mental illnesses, are non-binary, and need to point out obvious things like pronouns… this is ridiculous. It’s more ridiculous that some mothers are accepting this and see no issue with the ideology of gender fluidity being passed into movies as normal.

Somehow we started believing that we weren’t good enough just as mothers… but being a mother is THE most important job of all. We’ve let this idea of needing to be more than just a mother cloud our foundation and accept anything as truth… “in the name of being progressive and empathetic”… in the name of being a “decent human being”. Give me a break. We’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Our kids are learning that the loudest crybabies of the world are the ones that win the trophies.

Women are fucking warrior goddesses. It’s time to finally channel that back bone.

OFCOURSE weak mentally unstable men want to be women.. but only after women of the past did all the work to gain equal rights….of course! You wouldn’t have seen these same men want to be women when women were considered less than. Come ON! Can we please wake up? Can we please hold each other accountable? Can we find our strength again? We never needed to prove our strength more than now.

A Mother who isn’t playing this unstable little game anymore,

Biannca Adelia

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