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the goddess boudoir is a woman only community for 18+ years old



The Goddess Boudoir™

a Selfie Love Studio + Community

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As a boudoir photography of almost 8 years, I have learned that every woman’s version of sexy is different. Most of the time, we don’t know what that version of sexy even looks like. So five years ago, I wanted to create a personal experience for mothers to do the deeper work before coming in […]

Introducing The Goddess Boudoir™

Goddess Energy

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First thing’s first – feel confident in your boudoir photographer. Just because someone’sexpensive doesn’t mean they’re the best. And just because someone’s prices are great doesn’tmean the quality of the photos will be. Choosing the right photographer matters. You want tobond with them and feel comfortable at your body’s most vulnerable in front of the […]

Pointers to enjoy your boudoir session