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I believe ALL women are goddesses when we are in our full expression.

My struggle my whole life has been in finding my own authentic expression... my own inner Goddess. This is my own journey, documented.

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The word about the power of a boudoir session is quickly circulating. I’m sure a friend of yours has already had an experience and you’ve thought about it. Maybe you have only considered it… maybe you immediately thought, “yea, I could never do that”…but can we agree here? You’ve thought about it lol If you’ve been […]

When to book a boudoir session | Louisiana Boudoir


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“Here, take this shot”, she said joking but also serious. We both laughed…. and then we both took that shot of Tequila. Three years ago I took a trip to South Carolina to visit my best friend I hadn’t seen in years. In that time of us being apart, my boudoir business was born and […]

3 Ways to Ease your Boudoir Session Anxiety

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Any photographer you go to for your boudoir session should obviously be exercising the use of proper lighting, flattering poses, & photoshop but the REAL weapon and determining factor of your portraits is, that’s right, you guessed it girlfriend…. YOU! And allow me to let you in on another secret…. Radiant, glowing skin can completely […]

Glowing skin for your boudoir session in 7 days!

Self Care

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*big sigh*…”I haaaaate that outfit” he said. I have a favorite nightie. It’s a nude colored piece with baggyish shorts and a small plunging v neck loose top. I love throwing on this outfit after a long bath and my nightly moisturizing ritual. I feel gorgeous in it. It’s comfortable…. it doesn’t squeeze any of […]

Lingerie for your Body Shape || Louisiana Boudoir Photographer