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I am all giddy finally posting this virtual session Lexie and I created. Since the pandemic, I have been refining my virtual photoshoot process and it is finally perfect. We were able to capture some high quality portrait from her mobile phone. YES! These are completely virtual. Lexie is a Colorado woman who owns a […]

Virtual Psychedelic Photoshoot


neon boudoir session

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Boudoir – It’s French for a woman’s private bedroom/dressing room. Long ago, in the early1920s, boudoir photography was considered tasteless and disgraceful. This was back whenwomen were laughed at, mocked, shamed, and not treated equally or fairly. During this time, itwas actually illegal. Fast forward to the mid-1940s and 50s. Pinup girls, whistles, were used […]

How Boudoir was born