1. When should I book my appointment?

    OK, so here’s the hard part. A lot of women want to “lose a couple lbs” or “get in shape” before they book their session. That’s pretty normal. I recommend booking as much in advance as possible. This year, my books have been filling up more quickly than normal and the day you may have the “confident spirit”, a time slot may not be available. Use it as THE excuse to “get into shape” or “get it together”. It gives you some motivation and a due date to kick your butt into gear.Planning is also a BIG one when scheduling a boudoir appointment. Scheduling in advance gives you the best advantage at getting everything perfectly setup for your big debut!

  2. I don’t know how to be sexy….can I do this?

    Errrrm YES! Girl, I’ve got your back 100%! I consider posing to be one of my strengths and I’ll use several easy to follow directions to pose you all the way to your fingertips. I will also use breathing exercises to give you that sultry smize and more relaxed and natural facial expressions. In my experience, even models need direction for the most part!! So don’t worry! I have photographed many women and attended numerous posing classes to prepare me to capture beautiful portraits for you!

  3.  Do you offer hair and makeup?

    YAS girl! Hair & Makeup is included with your session fee. This is one of the most important parts of boudoir AND one of my favorites! Typically we curl your hair up and go for the more natural look, having no hair part, and using hands in your hair and tossing your hair around for volume. I have found this photographs beautiful when it isn’t so “neat” and put together. As far as makeup, we will plan together what kind of look you want to go for. We will also use fake eyelashes to give you those “bedroom eyes”. Please let me know if you are allergic to any adhesives. The professional makeup used is specifically formulated with sensitive skin in mind so that should not be an issue. Blenders used are latex free so you are OK if that is an allergy you have as well.

  4. Do you offer maternity boudoir?

    Absolutely. I recommend to book your session around the 34 weeks mark. By this time, you aren’t quite bloated and you should have that perfectly round belly look. The studio has a gorgeous garden tub where milk bath portraits have been an all time favorite.

  5. How does your booking process work?

    Typically, we will have an online consultation before anything. I will completely take you through the process and show you my products and pricing. You are not obligated to book at this consultation. This consultation is completely online over an app called ZOOM. Your face will not be showing in this consultation so you can literally attend in your best “I woke up like this” pajamas on. haha. After we book your appointment, you’ll receive a questionnaire we can plan your session perfectly. You will also receive a welcome guide PDF that will completely take you through your preparation process to the day of your session. Cool, eh? I told you, I got you boo! 100% covered!

  6. What should I bring to my boudoir session?

    When you book, you will receive a COMPLETE PDF to walk you through this process in full detail. For the most part though, you want to be sure to bring 3-4 outfits, jewelry, closed toe heels or boots, black/nude thong, plain black bra to use in session or as a prop (i.e. bra on door handle, etc), and any props to make your boudoir session personal. This can be a jersey, motorcycle helmet, military jacket, etc.

  7. Do I have to get naked?

    No. A common misconception to boudoir photography is they are nudes. Boudoir has a very broad characterization and sexy is TOTALLY different for every woman. I am actually a huge fan of using regular clothes and creating sexy looks from them like crop tops, comic book tees, long socks, etc. The questionnaire I send you after booking will address this very comfort level. I will never go into a posing flow that makes you uncomfortable.

  8. Where are you going to post my images?

    Your privacy is HUGE for me. The contract we both sign will have several questions regarding this and your images will NEVER be shared against your wishes. Anything which has been shared online has written consent from the client.

  9. Where do these sessions take place?

    Very good question! I always want my clients to feel comfortable when coming to me for a session. Because of this, I DO offer to come to you. My lighting set can travel and I include the travel with fully paid session fees. However, all sessions have taken place thus far in my home studio, located in Auburndale, Florida. The master bedroom of my home has been specifically renovated to serve as the boudoir studio and has everything from sheer curtains, white sheets, a gold chaise, flirty backdrops, and northern facing windows for the most gorgeous natural light. When booking with me, my first concern is your comfort level so everything is essentially up to you.

  10.  Do you shoot plus size women?

    First of all, I hate that I even have to address this but I am asked this question WAY too frequently. To answer your question, however, YES. I do. I actually wrote an entire blog post about this. Feel free to read it here.

  11. Do you use Photoshop?

    I do.  A simple skin smoothing to create a flattering appearance is used. Most of the portrait’s beauty will come from the initial capturing of the image. I will be using lighting techniques, and flattering posing to make the need for photoshop VERY minimal. I will typically brighten or darken your image to create a mood as well. Other things I will carefully remove are clothing marks, blemishes, unwanted body hair, scrapes, bruises, etc. , HOWEVER! I NEVER photoshop things that make you uniquely YOU. For example….birth mark? It stays. Pigmentation? You’re already beautiful and it doesn’t need to be removed. Scars? I don’t touch them.

    Unless you specifically say you want something changed in an image, your uniqueness will never be tampered with in the usage of photoshop.

  12. Do you have a Hair & Makeup Artist on site?

    I do not. I know many HMUAs in the area that I can definitely refer you to if you prefer but I personally do all hair and makeup for sessions. I decided against hiring a full time stylist when I realized how much this would add to my session fee. With affordability being very important to me, I decided to level up myself in that area. In the future, I plan to have a luxury studio and full time team. Right now, however, my main focus is that all women are able to have this incredible experience. You can read more about the products I use and my partnership story here.


These are just a few of the questions I receive most frequently when setting up boudoir sessions. You can ALWAYS email me at photo@bianncaadelia.com and I will do my best to get to you within a 24 hour time frame.

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