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5 Easy Steps to Reclaim your Sexy during Naptime

Self Love

August 12, 2018

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Whether you are new at this whole mom life thing, or you are a seasoned peanut butter jelly sandwich maker (no crust, duh), I think we can ALL agree here that it’s rare we don’t feel like a glorified maid. As a woman who went through a pretty dark and rough post partum, I have found quick and easy ways to rekindle my love for myself. When I feel good about MYSELF, I’m able to be a better wife and momma. It’s in THOSE times that sitting with my son and reading a story is the sweetest and most cherished.

Before you roll your eyes at this, thinking it’s impossible…that the laundry and dishes HAVE to be done during nap time or they won’t get done…..


Seriously. It wasn’t until I started respecting myself and feeling good again that I could even communicate with my husband without it turning into an absolute misunderstanding of emotions. Sometimes ya gotta say “no” to the to-do list, and yes to yourself. So here’s my super short and sweet nap time self love tune up task list.


Seems simple enough, right? Don’t just take a shower to get clean though. Next time you’re at the store, pick a body soap with a relaxing scent like lavender. I recommend our Farm to Tub Bar Soap. It’s lavender, lemongrass, coconut oil, organic palm, and olive oil goodness will seriously rejuvenate and release stresses your mind is holding onto. Also, don’t be afraid to stand with your back to the water and just take in everything as it runs down your back. Water is incredibly renewing. How does the water feel running down your body? Take in the refreshing sound around you too. Really cater to all your senses here. 


Nothing else feels more like a celebration than going through your day with freshly shaven legs. If you get really bad razor burn, we have an amazing scrub that I can guarantee will turn shaving into happy hour. With Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea and Olive Butters, and refreshing Lemon Verbena Oil, razor burn doesn’t stand a chance. Get your happy hour scrubtini here .


I swear moisturizing will change everything. Seeing a new glow on your skin is going to make you look and feel instantly more vibrant.


Don’t get me wrong, I love to get totally dolled up, but there’s just something about having that perfect fitting T-shirt and a cute pair of panties that makes me feel “at home sexy“. Know what I mean? I’ve been totally obsessing over my new lingerie sets from Adoreme lately. You’ll get $15 off your set by using my link also.


This is your moment to – as my son’s toddler tunes suggest – shake your sillies out. (Please tell me your children listen to this too lol) I am totally obsessed with Spotify right now. (P.S. Totally worth purchasing the subscription) They have amazing sultry playlists you can find by simply typing in “sensual” or “sultry” playlist. Throw on some jams and move every part of your body. Move those hips around….your shouldersyour head….your hands. Really listen to your body here and move in a way that feels GOOD to you. This is literally like a therapy session for me. If you are a singer, you can start humming from the soul. (careful not to wake your gorgeous little monsters though lol)

Let’s Connect!

I’d love to hear more ways that YOU reclaim your sexy side or sanity while the babies are asleep. Let me know in the comments!! If we’re not friends on Facebook also…. whaddaya waiting for!! Us mommas gotta stick together! Let’s be friends. 

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