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I believe ALL women are goddesses when we are in our full expression.

My struggle my whole life has been in finding my own authentic expression... my own inner Goddess. This is my own journey, documented.

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Y’all, on TOP of being one of the easiest ways to tap into more sensual living, it also has some crazy benefits you probably had no idea about! Can we all dance in a circle of enthusiasm now?! MY  hands are definitely in the air…and I’m waving them like I just don’t care…. except as […]

How taking a bath is like a workout!

Self Love

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Self Love

This post is inspired by women who have felt like they needed to lose weight or that they needed to have some kind of crazy transformation before they went through with something like a boudoir session. Although inspired by my boudoir session inquiries….this is diving into a much deeper problem. When I hear a woman […]

3 Easy Steps to Change the way you Feel about your Body Right Now

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Have you ever met a woman who just RADIATED beauty? Not necessarily because she looked the girliest, or she had a perfect body. Feminine energy actually has nothing to do with how “womanly” you look. We live in a world of Universal Principles and these principles – energies – directly reflect our life. I am […]

Change your Energy Today

Self Love

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Self Love

Whether you are new at this whole mom life thing, or you are a seasoned peanut butter jelly sandwich maker (no crust, duh), I think we can ALL agree here that it’s rare we don’t feel like a glorified maid. As a woman who went through a pretty dark and rough post partum, I have […]

5 Easy Steps to Reclaim your Sexy during Naptime