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How taking a bath is like a workout!

Self Love

September 13, 2018

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Y’all, on TOP of being one of the easiest ways to tap into more sensual living, it also has some crazy benefits you probably had no idea about!

Can we all dance in a circle of enthusiasm now?! MY  hands are definitely in the air…and I’m waving them like I just don’t care…. except as I type this from my keyboard….

Reduce Mental Fatigue

Obviously, right? I know I can definitely attest to feeling a little more clear and rejuvenated after a great soak. Supposedly there are ACTUAL scientific studies and research on the bathing in mineral soaks called balneotherapy. *insert funny “it’s science” meme here*

Sleep Better

This probably goes without saying. Considering the impact on scientifically backed mental fatigue reduction, a huge source of sleepless nights, I am already planning my midnight soak for tonight.

Have a cold??

The warm water apparently aids in oxygen flow and will boost your immunity and ability to fight off whatever infection you have!

Regulate blood pressure

The same affect as helping with your immunity, the warm water helps your blood flow after ONLY 20 minutes! Y’all, I don’t know about you….but I’m feeling a lot less selfish about sneaking away from the family for an hour lol

Burn 140 calories!!! say whaaat?!?

When I read this you guys… I immediately got laser focused on making sure my bath time happened tonight haha. Experts say a bath can’t exactly REPLACE exercise but dang, I’m still jumping over the moon with these findings!

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