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3 Ways to Ease your Boudoir Session Anxiety


October 12, 2018

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“Here, take this shot”, she said joking but also serious. We both laughed…. and then we both took that shot of Tequila.

Three years ago I took a trip to South Carolina to visit my best friend I hadn’t seen in years. In that time of us being apart, my boudoir business was born and it was only expected that a boudoir session was about to go down. Even though this was me and my best friend – the girl who was my Myspace picture default ride or die all throughout high school – it was still a little nerve wracking. So I totally relate with any anxiety you might be feeling about doing a boudoir session!!

Let’s pretend it’s the night before your session. You should have received a preparation pamphlet, PDF, or email (however your photographer communicates with you) to ease the process. So let’s take a deep breathe together and relish in the fact that we are indeed prepared. We have everything we need, we’ve taken all other preparations, and we’ve checked off our things-to-bring checklists. Now what? We’re totally prepared…uhm, we think….and the nerves are still there. What do we do? I gotchu boo, we’re in this together.

Do yoga the night before and morning of.

We’ve heard the studies and we both have a bajillion yoga enthusiasts on our social media accounts. This is for good reason. The studies are there as proof. Yoga will in fact help put your anxiety at ease.

Along with a good night’s rest, I’d recommend yoga just before bed time the night before your session and again in the morning before you get ready to head out the door. Not only will put your mind and body at the same operational level that day…..nixing anxiety… but it will also help tremendously with posing. Your photographer is going to direct your body into poses that aren’t exactly tailored to the normal day to day routine. Stretching your body out is going to help give you that much more confidence for your session.

An app I have sworn by for more than 5 years is Yoga Studio. You can find it available on apple or android. It does cost money but it is worth every penny. You’ll find exercises to suit any level and any time circumstance. If you only have 10 minutes, that is literally not a problem. I won’t lie… the 15 minute fixes are my jam.

Make time for a Morning Self Care Routine the day of your session

Having my clients in a good mental state before their session is so extremely important to me because it sets the tone for the entire experience

Try to wake up early enough to give yourself extra time to get out of the house on schedule, and then add 30 minutes to that. In this extra 30 minutes, enjoy your breakfast, do a 10 minute yoga/stretching routine, and take the last 10 minutes to set your intentions for the session. Every session is going to be different whether this is your first boudoir experience or your fifth. You’ll have different goals each time so set a general honest intention for your session like “I will allow myself to be my quirky self” or “letting myself feel vulnerable is not a weakness” or “I allow myself to spice it up and feel sexy“.

It’s OK to feel anxious!

Lastly, girlfriend, it is totally OK to feel anxious!!! Everyone does, even seasoned boudoir sessioneers. Models I have worked with even get nervous and their JOB is to be in tune with their bodies and expressions!

Believe that these nervous feelings are absolutely normal and even healthy as every emotion is an opportunity and sign to feed ourselves what we need.

Your photographer is experienced in lighting, posing, & other techniques to ensure you have an amazing experience. We are here for YOU. Take a deep breathe mama! All you have to do is show up happy and we’ve got the rest!! You are in good hands!

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