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When to book a boudoir session | Louisiana Boudoir


October 19, 2018

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The word about the power of a boudoir session is quickly circulating. I’m sure a friend of yours has already had an experience and you’ve thought about it. Maybe you have only considered it… maybe you immediately thought, “yea, I could never do that”…but can we agree here? You’ve thought about it lol If you’ve been tossing around the idea of a boudoir session, here are some things to keep in mind.


As the popularity of boudoir rises, books are filling up faster. Chances are the photographer in your area already has limited bookings. I tell you this firstly because we are hesitant creatures. We fear that we aren’t pretty enough, sexy enough, or bold enough to do a photoshoot….but truth is we really do want to do the damn photoshoot.

Just book the consultation

My point is, if you hear your friends raving about their boudoir shoot, go ahead and book the consultation. I’m not sure how the photographer near you does business, but my consultations are free and give you a basic rundown of how the session goes, with no hard sale booking at the end. The consultation is to feel each other out, see if you are comfortable with me, and to see if I am the photographer to create your vision. Every photographer has a different style to match different needs. So stay conscious of that.

Lock in a date that sets you up for success

If the consultation runs smooth, go ahead and talk about a date. Lock it in. The biggest thing I hear women say is “I need to lose some of this weight first“. I mean….I get it… I really do…. but you’re doing yourself a disservice by passing by an opportunity to claim some motivation and plus…. there’s an amazing rush after you book your date solid. Book a date that pushes you to your wellness goal if that so happens to be the case. It’s SUCH a powerful feeling.

Maternity Boudoir

If you are booking a maternity boudoir session, choose a date in the 28-35 week mark. This is going to be when your belly is cute, round, and photogenic.

Bridal Boudoir

Most of us put our wellness goals into high gear before the big day. When you want to book your bridal boudoir session is totally up to you but I wouldn’t book it too far out from your wedding day if at all possible. I can’t speak for you, but I’m an awful secret keeper and my bridal boudoir album probably wouldn’t make it all the way until wedding day to be gifted. 


Don’t wait until you have a spike in your courage to book. Use your booking date as a tool for motivation to step into your power. Look for photographers who offer free consultations if your nervous. Most all boudoir photographers are huge into woman empowerment & your comfort is always at the top of our priority list.

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