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Choosing lingerie you’ll love!


July 2, 2021

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All boudoir babes want to look and feel confident during their session. The best way to
determine what lingerie will compliment you the most is to consider what you think are your best

Comfort is a priority. Know what sizes you wear, because the last thing you’ll want to feel is
suffocated and tight. Have a professional measure you! You’ll want your top to support your
bust without the gals coming out. Move around in your lingerie and see how it feels!

Think about what body parts of yours are your favorite. Also, think about which parts you want
hidden. Worried about your belly region? Try on different corsets, bodysuits, a babydoll slip, t-shirts (no pants club!), a Basque set, a teddy, or high waist panties.

If you’re really trying to show off your legs, then you’re in luck. There are various choices! Thigh
highs, stockings, heels,
and long socks can accentuate those for you, no matter what type of
lingerie you choose.

Also be sure to check out my more detailed blog post on choosing lingerie based on your body shape!

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