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What is a Couple’s Boudoir Photography Session?


July 15, 2021

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When you think about boudoir sessions, what usually comes to mind is one woman in a sexy
garment in a beautiful setting. Couple’s boudoir photography — which is essentially the same
only it involves two people — is less common. For some, though, it’s the preferred option over a
traditional boudoir session.

If you’re trying to decide between whether or not you should have a traditional stand-alone
boudoir session or one with your partner, consider the following:

Reasons to Have a Stand-Alone Boudoir Session

• You feel more comfortable being by yourself in a boudoir setting
• You want to gift your partner the images of yourself
• You want to have these images for yourself, as a sort of “gift” to yourself
• You want to celebrate your body, specifically
• You’d like to exercise free reign over the session planning experience

Reasons to Have Couple’s Boudoir Session

• The idea of being alone in the images makes you uncomfortable or overly nervous
• You want to capture the intimacy between you and your partner
• You want to have a collaborative session planning experience with your partner
• You want to do something bold that helps foster emotional intimacy
• You want to celebrate your love — whether new or old

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